“Every customer requires quality tailored to their company”

MEDI’s quality method is based on this concept. Corporate management is managed rationally, as by ISO9002:2015 certification. However, as regards to the customer level, requests are tailored to meet individual needs.

Scalable and adaptable control procedures: The MEDI-System

We therefore have customers in the medical sector who need the highest first-level quality checks, in-process critical measures, inspection report, documents attesting materials and certificate of compliance (COC), additional tests on materials and visual tests.

There are also those who need fewer documents instead, and rely on MEDI’s guaranteed system for obtaining the correct supply at a discounted price.


The example I like to make is that between a luxury and an economy car: they both have brakes, tires or shock absorbers that perform their function correctly, but with completely different guarantees and prices.

MEDI is able to address different market demands in a pragmatic and practical way.


The MEDI-system, as far as production is concerned, always provides at least one initial check and an inspection report before delivery. The process is always followed by a spreadsheet specific to each order, which reports all information concerning the part, including stages and history.

Advanced management for a digital factory 4.0

All data is managed and stored on a management system, and the whole MEDI system, from admin and process management up to machines and service, are interconnected with a 4.0 Digital Factory system.

The MEDI system is certified annually by external bodies, while other external consulting companies are supporting us to achieve and maintain increasingly high performance standards for that which is our specific world.

In addition, we are audited by external companies that monitor us periodically, granting us their approval.

  • 3D system control TOUCH DMIS (2016)

  • Microscope Keyence VHX-7000 (2022)

  • Digimar 816 digital height measuring instrument

  • Digital calipers and micrometers

  • Johnson blocks and ceramic rings

  • Surface roughness measuring instrument

  • Pass Through or Don't Pass Through gauges of different nature, maintained in a controlled environment.

However, many of the CNCs possess a Heidenhain probe for dimensional control directly on the machine.  We use suppliers for optical measurement or material testing and external certifications instead.

Quality policy

The two cornerstones on which our efforts are based are:


The loyalty shown to us encourages us to be increasingly punctual, 2.efficient and 3.reliable. As trivial as it may sound, we are aware that the Amazon strategy has proved to be successful precisely because it has stretched these characteristics to their maximum possibility.


Following the previous concept, in order to be able to invest, stay at the forefront and remain solid and reliable over time, business performance monitoring is essential. The latter has slowly but surely improved over the years to our profit. Accepting prices that are either too high or too low would inevitably undermine one of these two pillars, which is why we always say that the goal must be to offer the right quality (tailored to each customer) at the right price.