0.5 to 3mm laser cutting with high quantities

Medi provides the service of cutting materials through the LBM (Laser Beam Machining) thermal process, which uses a laser beam as heat source reaching a power density of more than 1 MW⁄mm2. The laser brings the affected material to fusion or boiling, removing the material without mechanical contact by ejection of the molten material, vaporization or ablation mechanisms. Unlike conventional processes there is no wear and the removal of the material does not depend on its hardness, but on the optical properties of the laser and the optical and thermophysical properties of the material. For this reason it is particularly suitable for processing high heat-resistant alloys, carbides, fibre-reinforced composites, ceramics and satellites.

It is possible to perform different types of processing with laser cutting such as direct single-pulse laser drilling aimed at drilling many holes in a short time, percussion laser drilling in order to obtain deeper, precise and small holes, helical laser drilling ideal for drilling very wide and deep holes of high quality.and finally laser drilling in which the molten metal is removed downwards and then comes out of the hole.

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