Cutting with waterjet technology

OMAX WATERJET waterjet cutting allows us to offer machining on a wide range of materials and thicknesses, from composite materials to glass, from steel to super alloys.

Prototyping is very fast and carried out directly on the customer’s file.

Precision, together with excellent cutting quality minimizing material distortion, allows us to cut whatever the customer wants, with a minimum conicity tolerance of + / -0.05 mm.

Taglio ad acqua a freddo Waterjet

Superior quality and precision

The choice of the machine is in fact aimed at fine mechanics, in order to be as precise as possible, thanks to the nozzle movement control with a very powerful dedicated software. As a result, it has little to do with the typical water cut more commonly known, used for instance by marble workers.

It is also true that the level of accuracy and finishing particularly affects the price. Waterjet cutting, although very versatile, requires maintenance and has therefore high operating costs, much higher than CNC centers.

However, there are 5 different levels of speed and accuracy available, in order to find the best combination for every need.

Waterjet cold cutting

We perform cold cutting immersed in a water tank, a great way to not generate heat and avoid material distortions, cutting even the most harsh or abrasive materials without any issues. The concept of “cold cutting” also helps avoid the famous hardened crust, typical of laser or plasma cutting, avoiding the annealing process due to the hardened surface.

The task is managed by process sheets that describe prior and in-progress steps and controls to be carried out. They also report the history and any type of information worth monitoring at the moment of the operation.

In addition, waterjet cutting integrates mill roughing (click here) or light carpentry instead of laser cutting (click here), making them highly efficient and competitive, especially in particularly problematic contexts.

It is of course true that, with this technology, we can produce independent parts to will require further processing, as well as parts to which we apply surface finishing methods (tumbling, wide belt grinding, scotch brite smoothing, smoothing, brushing,….) where a specific rugosity is not required (hence Rz32 is accepted).

As for quantity , our range is from a single prototype to a series of 50/100 pieces, up to a maximum of 1000 pieces.

Examples of waterjet cutting