Mechanical assembly

This activity is carried out at the end of the individual parts manufacturing, and aims to provide a complete product, according to customer listing.

It includes parts assembling with the introduction of small metal parts such as pins, bearings, springs, threads, rivets, magnets, sliding rods, handles, cables, electronic boards, etc….

The whole process is managed, as per usual, by separate process sheets that explain implementation stages, and any type of information worth monitoring at the moment of the operation.

The activity often involves adhesive bonding phases that we perform with Contacoll-type glues or fixing agents such as Loctite, which might be followed by finishing activities in a milling cutter.

In this way, we can provide centesimal tolerances even on the assembled product.

In this context, we are providing our customers with handles, complete with keys and spiral cables, for handling hospital beds; tube rails for laboratory agitators, X-ray slitting sheets for medical tests (i.e. tomography), or assembled and milled boxes of various kinds for machinery-making (paper cutting machines or packaging).

If you were to have any of the above mentioned needs, feel free to contact us. We are expert project leaders in managing and creating (maybe after some technical advice) your product .

The supervision and activity is supervised with passion by our co-founder, who has been working in this field for 40+ years.

The quantity ranges from 50/100 pieces to a maximum of 1000 pieces at a time.