MEDI srl (DIversified MEchanics)

Producition of mechanical components on customer specification with surface treatments

Founded as a small family-run company, MEDI has evolved over the years with a strong incentive towards horizontal integration and the quality of the products supplied.

In our 40 years of experience we have continuously improved and systematically invested in our business, to become a highly attractive entrepreneurial concern in our district (Brianza). Below you’ll find the key moments of our evolution!

From small family business to industry 4.0

Today MEDI works in different sectors. Among the most important are the biomedical sector, microelectronics, linear axes, techniques for vacuum, machinery manufacturing, transport, etc.. MEDI is able to meet the most varied requirements, from the most complicated, precise and certified piece, to low cost and very high production efficiency demands.

Our customers, in fact, are extremely heterogeneous, and ask for our expertise on a wide range of materials:

  • Iron(automatic, ferritic, for tools, etc.) …on which we have perfected ourselves over time
  • Austenitic and Duplex stainless steel on which we have invested a lot in terms of training experience;
  • Aluminium and non-ferrous metals(Anticorodal, Peralluman, Ergal..) .. which is where we come from…
  • Plastic materials (Teflon, P c, Nylon, Delrin, etc…) increasingly demanded by the market;
  • SuperalloysNickel-cobalt(e.g. Alloy42) where we are helped by rough cutting, cold cutting par excellence;
  • Brass – Bronze, and more.. (Lead, Vetronite, etc…)

Our team

Today MEDI can count on four leadership positions and 20 active employees, so each sector of the company is supervised by a minimum of two people. The effort we have put into team-building has not only yielded great results, but is also shown in the ever-present and evolving effort to grant independence to each activity and each person. Last but not least, internal collaboration has allowed us to avoid many dismissals and create an atmosphere of hard work based on trust, integrating all of our strengths.


Our founder Osvaldo Colombi is always fully present at the helm of the company. He continues to infuse enthusiasm and experience in our business, blending it with the typical exuberance of those who are younger and want to introduce new ideas. At the forefront of administration, customer service and management, he has brought the first-to-second generation transition into the life of his business; and we know that excellent collaboration between the company’s points of strength is fundamental for becoming stronger and setting solid foundations for MEDI’s future.


Giuseppe Colombi is still very active among us, and those who know him can only envy the lucidity and the state of form that this work, after many years of sacrifices and experience, have conferred to him. Fully active, especially in passing on teachings and managing the entire assembling department as well as being a reference figure, it is he who has laid the roots for the attractive entrepreneurial concern appreciated by those who know us.

Quality and technical office

Marco Colombi joined the team after getting his engineering degree, but has had an active role since his teenage years. From a technical-qualitative standpoint, he’s given the company the vision to see clearly the market’s current demands: efficiency, supplies security, strengthening of existing technologies and their diversification, and expertise. As a technical reference point and expert in milling, he has introduced quality with concreteness, and works giving a firsthand example of how indispensable continuous improvement is on all levels.

Commercial and purchasing office

Dario Colombi has been with us for many years, and has carried his commitment to the company alongside completing a Law degree. Today, while he is 100% busy with estimates, management, customers, suppliers and logistics, he contributes his ideas with enthusiasm and commitment, ferrying the small family-run company to a 4.0. industry, allowing its slow but inexorable leap in quality.


The concept is simple and clear: without them, the MEDI we know and appreciate today would not exist. Our team is founded on values such as, first and foremost, trust, commitment and collaboration; to these, each person adds their own skills (and individual limits, which we all have).The results are certainly remarkable. Every day their work allows us to meet our customers’ expectations, and every day they can have all the material and financial guarantees they need, thanks to our customer’s trust.     

Our story

Here are the key moments of our evolution!
  •  - 2020

    HERMLE 5-axis + EROWA automation is introduced, creating a new and very important branch for the company’s present and future.

  •  - 2018

    The company becomes a 4.0 factory and for the first time 50% of our turnover is generated abroad.

  •  - 2016

    Business Management is streamlined: MEDI becomes ISO9001 certified.

  •  - 2016

    Waterjet cutting is introduced, further expanding the range of our technological possibilities.

  •  - 2008-2015

    We undertake a path of professional growth and training. Most machinery centers are replaced. Processes are optimized to reduce cycle times by 50%.

  •  - 2008

    Our machinery reaches 10 units and the company has 18 active employees.

  •  - 2006

    We expand our headquarters by purchasing the Aicurzio unit, which serves as a warehouse and assembling area.

  •  - 2005

    Our Quality Control professional figure is born.

  •  - 2004

    Eng. Marco Colombi, Osvaldo’s son, joins the company to confer generational continuity.

  •  - 2001

    First 5-axis machining center (HERMLE C800U)

  •  - 2000

    We start working abroad (Germany), increasing our turnover by 10% in one year.

  •  - 1988-1998

    MEDI can count on 6 CNC machining centers, two automatic punching machines, bending machines and 13 employees.

  •  - 1988

    Our (not yet!) doctor Dario Colombi, Giuseppe’s son, joins the company, conferring generational continuity.

  •  - 1986

    We purchase the first automated CNC Numerical Control machine

  •  - 1985

    We purchase the first belt punching machine

  •  - 1984

    We purchase the first manual CNC Numerical Control machine

  •  - 1982

    We become a capital investment company called MEDI srl (Diversified Mechanics)

  •  - 1980

    The two Colombi brothers, Osvaldo and Giuseppe, “recycle” their knowledge to start their own business: “Ellepiemme” artisan company is born, employing six people.

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