5-axis technology and automation

The need to produce minimally articulated parts with high frequency has pushed us to automate our processes.

Our automation consists of two HERMLE C400 – 5 axis center, served by the EROWA Leonardo robot and a wide range of equipment made for and dedicated to each detail.

This brings numerous advantages:

  • The opportunity of not having to set the machine every time, but only once at the start.
  • The ability to make the process safer and more repetitive
  • The ability to start production immediately, drastically reducing lead time.
  • The ability to significantly increase the number of hours of machine work, and thus to reduce costs.

However, in order to automate, the following features are required:

  • Crafting of the same part repeated at least 3 times a year
  • Minimum quantities in relation to the time required for crafting a piece: for batches of 100 pieces, at least twenty minutes per piece; for batches of several pieces, less time is needed. No time restriction on thousands of pieces.

In order to meet our customers’ needs, we offer “open orders”. These consist of a fixed annual quantity that they are committed to collecting in separate batches. The dates are left to the customer’s discretion (within a 12-month time span).

Machinery fleet