Milling with 3-5 axis CNC centers

“Passion, experience and technology are the resources to achieve efficiency and competitiveness”

For this reason, MEDI considers it essential to keep human and technological resources up-to-date.

As for technology, the metal cutting process is carried out on 10 3-5 axis CNC centers, equipped with HEIDENHAIN 520-640 control, laser presetting and BLUM control (maximum stroke 1500x800mm).

Parco macchine fresatrici centro di lavoro 3-5-assi

Machinery fleet

  • Hermle C42 - 5-axis - year 2017

  • Hermle C400 - 5-axis - year 2013

  • Hermle C250 - 5-axis - year 2023

  • Hermle B300 - 5-axis - year 2008

  • Hermle C400 automated - 5 axis - year 2020

  • EROWA Leonardo – automation - year 2020

  • Quaser MV 184 - 3-axis - year 2018

  • Quaser MV 184- 3-axis - year 2012

  • Maximart Q15 - 3-axis - year 2014

  • Maximart Q13 - 3-axis - year 2012

  • Eumach sumo 1100 - 3-axis - year 2007

  • Second Hermle C400 automated – 5 axis – year 2022

Every year, MEDI invests 10% of its turnover into new machinery or structural and managerial improvements. In this way, not only we are constantly up-to-date, but possibly one step ahead of those who do not invest the same amount into their company’s growth. That’s why we know we can give our customers that extra something that, judging on the basis of their loyalty, they have always recognized us.

CAD CAM programming with MASTERCAM

Progettazione CAD CAM Mastercam

As for the technical aspects, programming is carried out with CAD CAM via MASTERCAM (latest version), working directly on the customer’s 3D or 2D files, optimizing time and minimizing errors.

The task is managed by process sheets that describe prior and in-progress steps and controls to be carried out. They also report the history and any type of information worth monitoring at the moment of the operation.

The use of high-level tool holders (hydraulic, double contact,..), performance tools (SECO, TUNGALOY,..) and suitable brackets (WNT, SCHUNK, TECNOMAGNETE..) allows us to stay within a centesimal tolerance range and conduct efficient, fluid and (almost always) smooth machining.

Precision engineering

We are therefore able to produce parts from a few millimeters up to 1500mm long, performing all the required dimensional inspections and guaranteeing the hundredth of a millimeter, and the relevant documentation if requested.

Control documents or material certificates are stored and maintained for 10 years, as well as sent to the customer upon request.

The production ranges from prototype to the 50/100/500 series up to 1000/5000 pieces.

The opportunity to carry out repetitive manufacturing confers considerable advantages (click here).

The milling can be complemented with waterjet cutting (click here), which performance is well suited for roughing any type of material. The process is then finished on the CNC.

Training and professional updating

Lastly, training courses are implemented annually for our in-house employees to improve technical knowledge or to update on the development of new opportunities.

Areas and operational sectors

Our leading sector is milling, where we operate in:

  • biomedical field
  • micro electronics
  • linear axes
  • machinery production (packaging, paper cutting, textile production, ..)
  • transport
  • communications…

Examples of 3-5 axis milling