Light metal carpentry

Carpentry is a traditional sector of our company. Today, it consists of a Rainer2500 punching machine and three Schiavi and Mecos bending machines. (maximum bending length 1500mm). We have Miller TIG and MIG iron-stainless steel one spot welding machines and welding machines, plus all the standard equipment (blanking machines, shearing machines, grinding stone, brushes, belts, electrical copper terminals…)

We have the expertise to weld or point both aluminum and iron/stainless steel, but it should be noted that we DO NOT carry out structural welds: we can carry out tests, for example, on liquid seals, on resistance to manual mechanical stress and on aesthetics.

Therefore, we work to make laboratory instrument cases, mechanics for the linear axis sector, mechanics for machinery in general.

We complete the range internally with mechanical finishing (wide-belt grinding, tumbling, grinding, polishing, scotch brite smoothing…) and welding or  electrical one spot welding (fastener inserting, PEM insertion of nuts or threaded brushes). These also come with manual mechanical seal test and visual appearance control.

We employ selected suppliers for  laser cutting, while we ourselves complete the range with waterjet cutting (click here). Often, waterjet cutting can efficiently replace laser cut for small or medium quantities; it therefore represents a valid completion of this sector.

The task is managed by process sheets that describe prior and in-progress steps and controls to be carried out. They also report the history and any type of information worth monitoring at the moment of the operation.

We are therefore able to produce parts from a few millimeters up to 1500mm long, performing all the required dimensional inspections guaranteed the hundredth of a millimeter, and guaranteeing the relevant documentation if required.

Control documents or material certificates are stored and maintained for 10 years, as well as sent to the customer upon request.

The production ranges from prototype to series of 50/100/500 pieces, up to a 1000 pieces.